Our family wants to see healthier, happier pets everywhere, so we work with pet food distributors across the U.S. and across the globe.

Our International Distributors


Indonesia — Octagon Pet

Phone: 031 5348282

Email: octagonpet@yahoo.com


Israel — Dudi Agencies

Phone: 1-700-70-60-90

Email: ricky@dudi-agencies.co.il

Website: www.dudi-agencies.co.il


Japan — Les Chiens Co., Ltd.

Phone: +81 (73) 448-2422

Email: info@blackwood.jp

Website: www.blackwood.jp


South Korea — I-Peton International

Phone: +82(2) 902-2026

Email: info@i-peton.com

Website: www.blackwoodpetfood-korea.co.kr

Shopping Mall address:  http://www.blackwoodmall.com/


Malaysia — Blackwood Trading

Phone: 012 2919313 / 010 5669131

Email: blackwood_trading@yahoo.com


Singapore —  Noble Advance Pte Ltd

Phone: +65 6367-7668

Email: alicechan@noble-advance.com

Website: http://www.noble-advance.com


Taiwan, China & Hong Kong  — Pacifica

Phone: 0800-281-692

Email: info@pacifica.com.tw

Website address: www.blackwood.tw


Lebanon — K-9 Village LLC

Phone: +9613288024

Email: support@k-9village.com

Website: www.k-9village.com


Bahrain, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia

& Oman — Bed & Biscuits

Phone:  +973 17402350

Email:  info@bednbiscuits.net

Website:  www.bednbiscuits.net


Germany — Hundehütte

Phone:  ++49 (0) 8251-871775

Email:  info@blackwoodpetfood.de

Website:  http://www.blackwoodpetfood.de/


Hong Kong and Macau Distributor

Phone:  +852 9714 9288

Website:  http://www.blackwoodhk.com/


Of course we’re always interested in establishing new product distribution relationships. To discuss distributing Blackwood in new areas of the world, contact us today.