We’re always thrilled to hear from happy owners feeding Blackwood foods to their pets. We love sharing their stories, too. If you’d like us to share your story, contact us today!


“I have been complimented by numerous people from Montana all the way back to Wisconsin about how beautiful my Labradors are.  Their shiny coats, tarter free teeth, and the great clarity of their eyes are thanks to not only great breeders but by feeding them high quality food-BLACKWOOD!!  I know I’m a bit bias about the great appearance of my pups but their Veterinarian confirmed that their health is exceptional with my 6 year old yellow labs teeth not only being the whitest teeth she has ever seen but also the fact that his teeth are tarter free.  We have had our new 1 year old lab on it since he was born and I know he will be as healthy as the older lab. Your product is outstanding and I love that it’s made in the USA and uses only high quality ingredients.  Not once has Blackwood had a recall on their food since I’ve been feeding my lads this product, which has been for over 5 years now, and I truly believe it’s due to their quality and care of the ingredients Blackwood uses.  Our family trusts your company and sends a BIG thank you to everyone at Blackwood for your amazing products!  We are absolutely Blackwood customer for life =) Thank you Blackwood!” Marissa | Columbus, MT


“Bubs is an 8 week old Beagle puppy. We rescued him and started him on Black Label Puppy. He has not had any of the typical loose stool or vomiting that puppies tend to have. I credit Blackwood for this. This little guy is growing fast and will be a “Blackwood Dog” for life!” Mike | Columbiana, OH


“As a provider for working dogs we need a superior food the can provide the necessary nutrition after a long hard day of work. I have seen first hand the benefits of the Blackwood food and would suggest it for any dog owner.” Dave – Tri-State Canine Services L.L.C. | Warren, OH


“Boden (Dhoki Apso) and Myrtle (Pomeranian) used to eat two different kibble sizes. When we switched them to Blackwood 1000 formula they not only pretty instantly got shinier fur and more solid stool, they also stopped stealing each others food.” Stefan | Minneapolis, MN


“We were struggling to keep weight on our German Shepherd, Phoenix. He had excessive shedding issues as well. I wasn’t aware how dull his coat was until a couple of weeks after being on a Blackwood combination.. So we started feeding your 5000 recipe with a bit of ExPro mixed in and saw results immediately. Even our friends and neighbors are commenting on how healthy Phoenix looks now. Great coat, super shiny. Keeping his weight up. It’s just wonderful.” Brigitte | Newark, OH


“Reggie is a finicky eater and has food allergies, so we look for hypo-allergenic formulas with rich protein sources, grain free and non-chicken. The moment we brought our first bag of Blackwood into our house, Reggie could not stop sniffing the bag and trying to get inside it. He gobbled up his first bowl and we noticed his coat and skin have improved. And, he can’t wait for us to pour him each and every bowl.” Mary | Minneapolis, MN


“Blackwood (5000) keeps Brinkley nourished, healthy, and full of energy!” Alicia | Blacklick, OH


“We have two dogs with health issues (digestive, pancreas and liver problems).  Our veterinarian recommended a low fat diet for each.  They have adjusted to Blackwood 4000 (now Blackwood Black Label Adult Lean Recipe) just fine, their coats are shiny and healthy.  They are maintaining a healthy weight and there aren’t as many digestive problems since switching to Blackwood. We have acquired a puppy (Oscar) recently (making 3 dogs now!) and Blackwood puppy food is working great!  We have a very healthy, vibrant and active puppy!” Linda | Poland, OH


“Josie loves Blackwood dog food. She comes running whenever she hears the food (Blackwood 5000) hit her bowl.  The small pieces are easy for her to chew and she is more energetic than ever!” Jessica & Jordan | Los Angeles, CA


“My dog (BiJue) loves her Blackwood dog food. She can’t wait to eat, she play dances around the dish and she is in good health – good everything – we love our new dog food.” Joeseph | Columbiana, OH