New Blackwood & Adirondack Treats Debut at SuperZoo.

We’re super excited to debut all-natural, nutrition-packed treats for dogs at SuperZoo 2017 in Las Vegas. Made with ingredients like salmon, pumpkin and mixed berries, new treats build our offering of small-batch, slow cooked goodness. “We’re continuing to offer customers and pet owners high-quality, handcrafted foods made with a perfect blend of meat protein and… Read more »

Cats Convince Business To Carry Blackwood

As we spread the word about our slow-cooked, premium pet food recipes, every now and then there’s a story we can’t resist telling everyone. Our sales team has been talking to the fine folks at Hartville Elevator Company about why our recipes are so special. By the way, Hartville Elevator has been around for more than a… Read more »

Blackwood Partners with Ohio Export Internship Program

Part of our success at Blackwood Pet Foods has been our ability to share our slow-cooked, premium recipes with the world. We distribute our products across the nation and countries like Israel, Japan, Malaysia, South Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong. While our export business is important to our success, participating in programs close to home is also high… Read more »