Runs For Pounds: The Fall Classic Faceoff

Two teams that both bring their own stories into the World Series will compete to become champions of Major League Baseball. At Blackwood & Adirondack Pet Foods, we’re taking that competition a little further with our Fall Classic Faceoff. Each time the American League Champions, the Cleveland Indians, score a run, we will donate 100 lbs. of food… Read more »

Frequent Buyer Program

We know people who buy our handcrafted, small-batch recipes do so because they want their pets to be healthy and happy. It’s a Blackwood saying that “healthy, happy pets make their families happy.” We hope our Frequent Buyer Program further increases that happiness.

Cats Convince Business To Carry Blackwood

As we spread the word about our slow-cooked, premium pet food recipes, every now and then there’s a story we can’t resist telling everyone. Our sales team has been talking to the fine folks at Hartville Elevator Company about why our recipes are so special. By the way, Hartville Elevator has been around for more than a… Read more »