What’s Chicken Meal?

Letters from the Blackwood Mailbag…   We get a lot of questions via email, Facebook, Twitter and traditional mail. We’ve decided to start posting some of them to our blog to serve as an answer to your question or just help you learn something about our approach to making super-premium, slow-cooked pet food. You’ll notice… Read more »

Blackwood Supports the Military K-9 Memorial

When we heard about the push to build a U.S Army K-9 Memorial to honor Multi-Purpose Canines (MPC) at the Ranger Regimental Headquarters at Fort Benning, Georgia, we instantly knew we wanted to support it. Blackwood has been involved with first responder and law enforcement K-9 units through our K-9 Feeding Program for several years. Just recently,… Read more »

Runs for Pounds: The Outcome

Seven games, extra innings in the deciding match-up, an end to a 108-year-old championship drought – the 2016 World Series will go into the history books as a classic long to be remembered. Before the beginning of the Series, we announced our intention to donate 100 lbs. per run scored to either The Buddy Foundation (when… Read more »